End of Life Care

1 Assist Care Works with Hospice companies to help families and individuals through difficult times

Each family and individual prepares differently when they know that either they, or their loved one, is approaching the end of their life.  It is rarely an easy time for those who are going through the difficult time. It is a time of life that social, emotional, family, medical, and physical needs must be met.

Working alongside hospice agencies, 1 Assist Care assigns a team of caregivers to provide 24/7, 1-on-1 care for those approaching the end of life.  Each caregiver providing this care is trained on end of life care and is with the individual every step and moment of the way so have constant support and able to have their physical and emotional needs met every second of the day.

This care allows individuals to have the most gracious and comforting experience possible in their desired setting while allowing family members to mourn and prepare in the manner that they both need and desire to.

1 Assist Care has been able to provide this type of care in the desired settings of those involved including the following:

  • In the home
  • In independent living centers
  • In facilities

To learn more about our end of life care, or to schedule a team of caregivers to assist in end of life care, call us at 208-557-4215.